Next Generation Technology

We are committed to quickly delivering next generation technology to help operators build out their networks as fast as possible without having to assume all of the financial risk.

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We offer customized Build-to-Suit programs that prioritize our partners’ network requirements and deployment needs.

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Our extensive portfolio of assets is distributed across multiple countries, making us a valuable partner for global wireless deployments.

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Site Management

Our team of professionals will manage your telecommunication site to enhance its value.

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Tower Development

We listen to your financial goals and needs and analyze the specifics of your lease in order to tailor a financial offer specifically for you.


Operator Benefits

Customized Solutions

With a customer-centric approach, we listen to our partner’s needs to create customized solutions.

Flexible Terms

Our flexible and favorable transactions terms allow us to meet any project specific needs

Speed to Market

Our goal is to provide our partners with prime infrastructure while emphasizing speed to market and leveraging our global portfolio to rapidly expand networks.

Team Expertise

Our team of industry experts provides a unique approach to every client. We have been associated with approximately $5 billion of asset financings, including thousands of cell site lease buyouts.

Reliable Partner

We are committed partners with a global track record of reliability and meeting client expectations.

We are well capitalized, meaning there are little to no capital expenditures for our partners.

Let’s talk about your connectivity needs.

Fullfill Your Network Needs

Our global portfolio is available to our partners to help them expand their network rapidly and meet the growing demand without a major financial investment on their part.